Day 10/09/2023
System scaffolding is applied to construction projects to bring sturdiness, convenience and safety. Choosing SAKON’s System scaffolding helps you feel secure about the quality. So what is the structure and application of this scaffold? Let’s find out below.
What is System Scaffolding?
System Scaffolding is a scaffolding system used to support the construction and construction process. It helps create a sturdy, flexible and safe platform for working on high floors of buildings.
System scaffolding is designed with components such as barriers, posts, fasteners and other accessories to form an individual framing system. These components are easily assembled and dismantled, saving time and effort during construction.
This system provides a stable platform for working in the construction environment and can be used for many types of projects such as houses, high-rise buildings, factories, industrial parks. One of the advantages of System Scaffolding is its flexibility, thanks to its adjustable components. This system can adapt to different shapes and sizes of projects, helping to increase dynamism and ensure safety during construction.
On the market today, there are many manufacturers providing Scaffolding Systems with different quality and safety standards. Therefore, when using System Scaffolding, choosing a reputable and quality supplier is very important to ensure safety and efficiency in building and executing projects.
Structure of System Scaffolding
The Scaffolding System includes the following main parts:
  • Scaffolding frame: Is the main part of the System scaffolding system, assembled with square steel bars or special steel pipes. Scaffolding frames play an important role in carrying loads and ensuring stability and safety for the project.
  • Scaffolding legs: Made up of scaffolding leg blocks, placed on the ground and creating a foundation for installing other scaffolding parts.
  • Horizontal bars: These are bars placed horizontally connected through scaffold frames. They provide rigidity to the scaffolding and help withstand loads from the construction.
  • Cross bars: These are bars placed diagonally to help connect scaffold frames, to increase the stability of the scaffold and resist horizontal forces acting on the system.
  • Accessories: Accessories are essential to create a solid connection for the System scaffolding system. Some important accessories such as: swivel shackles, screws, nails…
  • Safety ladders: These are support parts that help workers move and work safely on scaffolding.
The System scaffolding system is designed to be easy to install, dismantle and move according to project requirements. This helps save costs and increase efficiency in construction.
Scaffolding application System
Scaffolding System is designed to provide a flexible, safe and effective scaffolding system for building construction.
Construction projects can be done quickly and cost-effectively when choosing System scaffolding. This system helps create a safe working environment for workers and contractors, while also increasing the ability to rearrange and reuse scaffolding.
One of the advantages of System scaffolding is its flexibility. This system is designed for easy assembly and disassembly, saving time and effort during construction. In addition, the parts of the scaffolding can also be flexibly adjusted to fit the construction structure.
Scaffolding System brings high safety to construction workers. This scaffolding system is designed with engineering calculation and simulation software, ensuring that the scaffolding is installed properly and meets safety standards. In addition, System scaffolding also has high and stable load-bearing capacity, ensuring project safety during construction.
System scaffolding also has applications in cost optimization. With the ability to rearrange and reuse between construction projects, System scaffolding helps save costs and maximize economic efficiency.
Scaffolding System is an effective, time-saving and safe tool in construction. With its versatility and reusability, System scaffolding has become one of the most popular technologies in the construction industry.
SAKON – Address for supply and construction of System scaffolding
SAKON is a unit specializing in supplying and constructing System scaffolding and a variety of other scaffolding types. With more than 10 years of experience in the construction industry, SAKON has implemented many large and small projects across the country.
SAKON provides high quality scaffolding systems, ensuring safety and saving construction time for construction projects. We ensure the delivery of scaffolding on time and ensure quality according to international standards. SAKON’s scaffolding staff are professionally trained, knowledgeable about System scaffolding technology and always comply with labor safety regulations.
In addition to providing scaffolding, SAKON also provides construction and rental services for scaffolding of all types. SAKON’s technical team will perform the installation and dismantling of scaffolding quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. SAKON is committed to meeting all customer requirements and ensuring project quality.
With experience and reputation in the industry, SAKON is a reliable address for construction projects that require professionalism and safety in scaffolding systems.
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