Day 07/09/2023

Smart scaffolding is used for many projects, bringing many conveniences to users. Let’s immediately understand this type of smart scaffolding with SAKON!

What is smart scaffolding?
Giàn giáo thông minh là gì?
Smart scaffolding is becoming a growing trend in the construction industry, helping to save time, effort and enhance occupational safety. This is a great type of scaffolding that brings high efficiency during the construction process.
Smart scaffolding is the common name for folding scaffolding and mobile scaffolding. With the ability to fold or move conveniently, these types of scaffolding bring convenience to users.
These types of scaffolding are a great choice for construction projects because of their usefulness and ability to be used for many diverse projects. Combined with modern equipment helps reduce costs, save time and energy during the use of scaffolding.
Smart scaffold structure
Smart scaffolding is an important support system in the construction and remodeling of high-rise buildings. It includes main components such as scaffolding frames with horizontal, vertical and diagonal bars, swivel shackles, trays, joints and accompanying accessories such as hooks, latches, screws and nails.
Vertical columns, also known as truss legs, are the main gravity-bearing members. They are fixed to the ground or attached to building foundations using hooks or pegs. The horizontal bar is attached to the vertical columns to create a sturdy and reliable system.
A scaffolding bar or pillar is an extension element between vertical columns, mainly to increase the height of the scaffolding. It provides space for construction and transportation of construction materials to upper floors. The components of the scaffolding are connected together through joints, including screws, nails and hooks. These joints allow for easy assembly and disassembly, while ensuring the sturdiness and stability of the scaffold.
Scaffolding structure is very important in construction, it not only supports construction and protects workers, but also ensures the stability and safety of high-rise construction projects. Therefore, choosing and using a correct and quality scaffolding system is very important during the construction process. In addition, mobile-type smart scaffolding also has heavy-duty wheels attached to make it easier to move.
The importance of smart scaffolding
Cấu tạo giàn giáo thông minh
Smart scaffolding is one of the important applications that brings many significant benefits in the construction industry. Smart scaffolding has gradually replaced traditional scaffolding and become an indispensable tool in the construction process.
The importance of smart scaffolding lies in its flexibility, saving time and effort, while ensuring safety and efficiency in work. With a smart sensor system, scaffolding can automatically determine the load and adjust the height through the control panel, helping to reduce manual work and reduce the risk of occupational accidents.
Using smart scaffolding also helps save space and resources, because it can be installed according to need and is easily disassembled. This helps minimize waste of construction materials and saves storage space.
Why should you choose smart scaffolding at SAKON?
Smart scaffolding provided by SAKON ensures quality, giving customers peace of mind and safety. The smart scaffolding provided is a new product, with full parts and convenient features to help the project be completed quickly and ensure construction progress.
SAKON ensures prestige with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Thanks to our highly specialized technical team, we help advise customers accurately and save costs.
SAKON smart scaffolding offers a variety of products and plays an important role in the construction industry, bringing many benefits from technical, economic and environmental aspects. The development and application of any type of scaffolding will certainly bring improvement and modernization to the construction industry in the future.
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