What is Scaffolding BS1139? Standard & installation procedures

Day 05/09/2023
In the construction industry, scaffolding is considered an indispensable “companion” in the process of building projects of different heights and complexities. With the continuous development of technology, the introduction of BS1139 standard has brought a breakthrough in improving the efficiency and safety of scaffolding. In this article, we will explore the outstanding advantages of the BS1139 standard and how it expands the horizons of the modern construction industry.
This article will take you on a journey to explore the advancement of the BS1139 standard, from ensuring the safety and durability of scaffolding to customization and flexibility in design and installation. We will explain why BS1139 has become an internationally recognized standard and is widely used in the construction industry worldwide.
I. What does BS1139 Scaffolding mean?
Giới thiệu về giàn giáo BS1139 
BS1139 scaffolding is a type of scaffolding that is very commonly used in many countries around the world thanks to its flexibility, durability and customization. BS1139 Scaffolding is manufactured and conforms to UK standards, where it has been developed and applied in the field of stone powder construction, high-rise buildings, bridges, factories and other areas industry.
BS1139 Scaffolding was developed in the 1930s in the UK and was widely used in the 1950s and became the construction industry standard.
BS1139 scaffolding products are manufactured from high-grade and durable steel, designed with different sizes to suit the needs of the construction site. The characteristics of this type of scaffolding are high strength, good bearing capacity, high stability, quick, simple and flexible assembly.
II. Structure and standards of BS1139 scaffolding
BS1139 scaffolding meets the most stringent technical standards including many main components.
Cấu tạo giàn giáo BS1139
A. Structure
  • Bracing: manufactured from 3.2mm or 4mm thick I-shaped steel, used to hold the two scaffolding legs together.
  • Scaffolding legs: include standard legs (use straight legs) and joint legs (can be twisted and capped at arbitrary heights).
  • Scaffolding clamps and locks: used to hold the uprights together.
  • Scaffolding brace: used to hold aluminum alloy braces during construction.
  • Other parts: including components such as Profile Holders and cranes, Accessories of various types of steering to reduce the distance between scaffolding and construction.
B. Technical standards and regulations
BS1139 scaffolding is manufactured and used according to strict technical standards and safety regulations. Scaffolding is inspected by a reputable and competent agency in Vietnam. From there, it helps meet the needs and quality of use.
C. Evaluation and certification
The inspection and supervision of the authorities and independent certification centers have helped the BS1139 scaffolding to be assured of precise quality, high stability and meet the most stringent standards.
III. Application of BS1139 scaffolding
BS1139 standard scaffolding is one of the important support equipment for construction projects. Thanks to its strong and flexible structure, it can be used in many different types of construction, from residential construction to larger civil works such as buildings and bridges.
They are used to create a safe platform for workers during construction, helping to increase safety and reduce occupational accidents. In addition, BS1139 scaffolding also helps improve working efficiency, reduce construction time and costs.
IV. BS1139 scaffolding installation process
Quy trình lắp đặt giàn giáo BS1139
To help ensure the safety and quality of BS1139 scaffolding, the installation process needs to be done correctly and properly. Below is the BS1139 scaffolding erection process including basic steps:
  • Step 1: Survey the erection site
The BS1139 Scaffolding Standard Installation Process begins with performing a site survey of the scaffolding erection. During this process, engineers and technicians will inspect and confirm the scaffolding installation site and locate the scaffolding components to be installed at the site.
  • Step 2: Set up necessary warning signals
Once the installation site and scaffolding components are located, experts will proceed to set up the necessary warning signals. This is done to help ensure the safety of workers and operators during the installation of BS1139 scaffolding.
  • Step 3: Check certificates and documents
BS1139 scaffolding erection standards also require checking related certificates and documents. This includes checking for certificates of conformity, permits, technical papers and other certificates related to the installation of scaffolding.
  • Step 4: Check quality and proceed with installation
After locating, setting up alarm signals and checking certificates and documents, the experts conducted a quality check of the BS1139 scaffold and installed it. Installing BS1139 scaffolding according to the correct procedure will bring safety to workers and operators, while also bringing economic efficiency and optimal construction quality.
V. Safety and maintenance of scaffolding BS1139
When using BS1139 scaffolding, ensuring worker safety is very important. To avoid unfortunate accidents and incidents, it is necessary to comply with the safety rules below.
A. Rules for safe use
BS1139 scaffolding must be installed correctly and completely according to instructions and procedures. It is necessary to check before using scaffolding and ensure there is enough space on BS1139 scaffolding to carry out safe work. Ensure workers are fully trained and meet safety requirements when working on BS1139 scaffolding.
B. Inspection and maintenance procedures
To ensure the safety and performance of BS1139 scaffolding, regular inspection and maintenance procedures should be performed:
– Inspect BS1139 scaffolding components, including all bolts and screws, to ensure they are securely attached and free of damage.
– Check the BS1139 scaffolding structure for corrosion or not.
– Test the durability and load capacity of BS1139 scaffolding.
– Replace damaged or expired parts or materials.
C. Importance of staying safe
The safe maintenance of BS1139 scaffolding not only helps protect the health and life of workers, but also helps ensure the success of the construction, avoiding property loss and loss of time. Fully implementing inspection and maintenance procedures also helps to reduce risks and increase the sustainability of BS1139 scaffolding, increasing work efficiency.
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VII. Summary
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