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H-frame scaffolding is commonly used for most construction projects. With good bearing capacity, this type of scaffolding brings many benefits to projects. Learn more about this type of scaffolding below.
What is H-frame scaffolding?
H-frame scaffolding is a fixed scaffolding system used in the construction industry to support construction work and protect worker safety. This system is called “H-scaffold” because its combinatorial structure is similar to the letter H.
The H-frame scaffolding system includes the main parts: scaffold frame, cross braces and accompanying accessories…
Giàn giáo chữ H
Advantages of H-frame scaffolding
With a flexible structure and easy installation, H-frame scaffolding can be used in many types of construction projects such as houses, bridges, factories, workshops, and high-rise buildings. It provides a solid foundation for workers to carry out construction jobs in a safe and efficient environment.
H-frame scaffolding is also designed to comply with construction safety regulations. It provides a safety system to prevent accidents while construction work is going on.
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Structure of H-frame scaffold
The structure of the H-frame scaffold includes many parts:
  • Scaffolding frame
The scaffolding frame helps support the entire project with rows and steel thickness to ensure safety. Scaffolding steel frames must meet both the aesthetics as well as the quality and sturdiness of the scaffolding.
The current standard H-frame scaffolding frame sizes are: 1700x1250mm, 1200x1250mm, 1530x1250mm, 900x1250mm.
  • Cross bracing
The scaffolding frame is combined with diagonal braces to increase bearing capacity and ensure a complete scaffolding system.
The diagonal bracing size is usually: 1960mm for 1700mm and 1530mm frames. Diagonal bracing size 1710mm used for 1200mm and 900mm frames.
  • Scaffolding accessories


Giàn giáo chữ H thường đi kèm nhiều phụ kiện để đảm bảo độ vững chắc của hệ thống giáo

Scaffolding accessories are important parts that help stabilize the scaffolding system and ensure solidity. H-frame scaffolding needs accompanying accessories to create stability. Some necessary accessories for scaffolding include:
  • Swivel shackle: This is a scaffolding accessory with a sturdy steel tube frame to support the load of the entire scaffold.
  • Scaffolding jacks: Jacks help adjust the size of the scaffolding legs, helping to adjust the height of the scaffolding system. Currently there are flat jacks (used as scaffolding bases) and U jacks (used to increase floor support height).
  • Safety stairs for scaffolding: This is an accessory that helps workers move more conveniently and safely with sufficient aisle width. Combine the stairs with the scaffolding frame to stabilize the ladder. The size of the ladder is 2300x480mm.
  • Pedestal tray: This is a part of the working floor that can be hung on the frame to help create a position for workers working at height. Rosary beads usually have dimensions of 1600x360mm or 2300*480mm.
  • Anti-spear: Used to support the floor system and there are two popular types: anti-skew and anti-tank.
  • Wheels: Wheels are often found in mobile scaffolding used to move the scaffolding conveniently and quickly.

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