Day 10/08/2023
1. Construction scaffolding
Scaffolding construction is one of the most important equipment of construction works with the task of supporting the design and construction of works. Scaffolding includes a frame, diagonal braces and accompanying accessories such as jacks, swivel shackles, and scaffolding trays.
In the construction field, construction scaffolding types are indispensable tools. There are several main types of scaffolding commonly used, including standard scaffolding, frame scaffolding, plate scaffolding, hanging scaffolding, double scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, etc.
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2. Types of scaffolding in construction
2.1. Scaffolding frame
Frame scaffolding is quite similar to standard scaffolding, however, it has a frame that is connected with cross bars and braces as well as sub-assemblies, which make up the frame scaffolding system. Therefore, the use value of frame scaffolding is very high in projects with a large area.
2.2. Scaffolding version
Scaffolding is used when it is necessary to support a part of the body of a house under construction or convenient for indoor work. Thin steel panels are arranged vertically to form a scaffolding system, which is attached to the wall of the garage and additionally positioned.
2.3. Double Scaffolding
Double scaffolding is one of the commonly used construction scaffolding models today. This type of scaffolding is installed with two parallel standing legs and connected by upper tubes. This type of scaffolding can be used to support large construction materials such as concrete or steel. Double scaffolding is widely used in high-rise construction projects or when there is a need to construct large and campus-wide projects.
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2.4. Hanging Scaffolding
Suspended scaffolding is a type of construction scaffolding used to support buildings and high-rise buildings. This type of scaffolding is suspended from the outside of the building and fixed to the upper Pipes. This type of scaffolding allows construction workers to safely access and work on the top floors of buildings.
2.5. Portable Scaffolding
Mobile scaffolding is a type of scaffolding that can be moved and used in the construction of projects such as bridges, railways or land. This type of scaffolding can be changed according to the needs and terrain of the project, it can be moved to any point needed by the user.
2.6. Fireproof Scaffolding
Fireproof scaffolding is one of the most common types of scaffolding in construction projects, used to prevent fire and minimize the risk of fire and explosion. This scaffolding can be made from fire-resistant materials such as metal or fiberglass, and is equipped with fire extinguishers to avoid accidents.
2.7. Waterproof Scaffolding
One of the types of construction scaffolding used by many units is waterproof scaffolding. This is not only a scaffold that supports water resistance, but also helps to increase the durability of the scaffold in environments with high humidity and bad weather. To ensure water resistance and durability, waterproof scaffolding is usually made from waterproof materials such as PVC or industrial steel.
2.8. Scaffolding one column
Single-column scaffolding is used in construction projects that are small in scale or have to be built in limited space. With simple design and easy to use, single column scaffolding is the perfect choice to help construction contractors save cost and time.
2.9 Custom Scaffolding
Custom scaffolding is specifically designed to accommodate a wide variety of construction site types and can be resized to suit specific functions. With great flexibility, custom scaffolding is the ideal choice for large-scale and complex projects.
2.10 Standard scaffolding
Standard Scaffolding is a type of scaffolding that has a standard style, size and design to meet the requirements and safety standards in the construction industry. Standard scaffolding standards and regulations may vary by country or region. However, there are some general elements that standard scaffolding generally follows:
  • Material: Standard scaffolding is usually made of steel or aluminum. This material has high strength, withstands heavy weight and is resistant to corrosion.
  • Design: Standard scaffolding usually has a modular design, consisting of main components such as support legs, cross beams, struts and working surfaces. These components are standard sized for easy installation and disassembly.
  • Dimensions: Standard scaffolding has standard dimensions, designed to fit the requirements of the building. This size can be flexibly adjusted and combined to create different scaffolding structures.
  • Connection system: Standard scaffolding uses a connection system, such as bolts and screws, to attach components together. This system helps the scaffold to become stable and safe during use.
  • Safety: Standard scaffolding must comply with specific safety regulations and standards. It must provide a safe and stable platform for workers during working at height.
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