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8-hole disc scaffolding is widely used in construction because of its certainty and many advantages it brings. So what type of 8-hole disc system is it? What is its structure and advantages?
Giàn giáo đĩa 8 lỗ
Learn about 8-hole disc spears
8-hole disc scaffolding, also known as 8-hole disc Ringlock scaffolding, is a scaffolding system widely used in the construction industry for high-rise buildings or complex structures. The 8-hole spear is a long tubular steel bar attached to two round steel plates at both ends. Each steel plate is divided into 8 holes. When installing this type of spear, the installer joins the round steel plates and holes together and screws to create a strong connection.
The 8-hole disc scaffolding system consists of the main components such as base, set foot, steel post, strut, countersunk bar, and rod holder plates. The 8-hole disc combined with struts and countersunk bars form a tool to aid in the construction and lifting of high positions.
Công trình sử dụng giàn giáo đĩa 8 lỗ
Structure of 8-hole disc scaffold
8-hole disc scaffolding includes:
Vertical bar: The vertical bar is attached to a steel plate with 8 holes at 2 ends. They are stacked and use clamps or screws to hold them together. The main steel line runs along the spear wall, connecting the steel plates together.
Cross bar: usually use galvanized steel pipe material. The crossbar is used to support the increase of the load and can be used as a guardrail for the safety of the user.
Bracing bar: Made from anti-oxidation galvanized steel pipe material. They help the scaffolding system to be sturdy and able to bear loads better.
Joint lock: This is another important component of the 8-hole disc scaffold. They help connect and hold the components of the scaffold together. Connecting locks are usually made of steel and have a special design to ensure tight and secure locking.
The scaffolding supporting post is made from galvanized steel pipes to help support the scaffold vertically. Trusses are available in different sizes to fit the Ringlock scaffolding structure for a secure, solid connection. There are also Ringlock scaffolding accessories such as 8-hole discs, connecting tubes, dowels…
The 8-hole disc scaffolding construction is a complex system and should be installed and used in accordance with regulations and safety standards. With the support of disc scaffolding, construction work can be carried out more safely and efficiently.
Giàn giáo đĩa 8 lỗ có nhiều ưu điểm
Advantages of 8-hole disc Ringlock scaffolding system
Ringlock 8-hole disc scaffolding has flexibility in changing the size of the scaffolding system. Thanks to that, this type of scaffolding can be used to build projects of many different shapes and sizes. Moreover, the 8-hole disc scaffolding system is also very solid and stable, ensuring the safety of workers working at height.
The versatility and durability of the 8-hole disc scaffold also make it a popular choice for construction contractors. This scaffolding system can be installed and removed quickly, saving time and labor costs. At the same time, this feature also helps transition from different construction stages effectively.
Ringlock 8-hole scaffolding has a reasonable price, helping users save costs. 8-hole disc scaffolding is an important tool for the construction of high-rise and complex projects. With flexibility, durability and safety, 8-hole disc scaffolding is a product chosen by many construction units.
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