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What is wedge scaffolding? Why do units choose wedge scaffolding for use in construction? The benefits of this scaffolding system play an important role in construction. So what is the structure and size of this type of scaffolding? SAKON will introduce to you great information below.
What is wedge scaffolding?
Wedge scaffolding, also known as star flower scaffolding, vietform scaffolding, is a scaffolding used to support the construction of architectural works, from high-rise buildings to bridges and roads. Wedge scaffolding is characterized by the use of connected steel frames and horizontal cross braces to increase the ability to withstand large loads.
Wedge scaffolding includes main components such as base, steel pipe, scaffold frame and connecting braces. These components are assembled into a system that helps create a solid foundation for construction, ensuring safety and efficiency in work.
Giàn giáo nêm là gì?
Wedge scaffold structure
The structure of wedge scaffolding includes the following main components:
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  • Tie bar
  • Anti-standing
  • Anti-momentum
  • Anti-Consol
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Wedge scaffolding is a complex and important system in the construction industry. Understanding the structure and usage of wedge scaffolding is important to ensure safety and stability during construction.
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Dimensions of wedge scaffolding
The size of wedge scaffolding can be adjusted to suit the specific requirements and conditions of the project. Below is some basic information about wedge scaffold sizes.
The height size of wedge scaffolding usually ranges from 1.5m to 2.5m. This is a popular size used in construction and home renovation projects.
The width of wedge scaffolding is usually about 0.75m to 1.2m. This size allows you to easily move and work on the scaffold.
Wedge scaffolding dimensions depend on the specific requirements of the project and can be adjusted to meet different requirements. Choosing the right size and using wedge spears properly is very important to ensure safety and efficiency during construction.
Advantages of wedge scaffolding
Wedge scaffolding has many advantages and is very commonly used. Here are some advantages of wedge scaffolding:
Safety: Wedge scaffolding is designed with a sturdy structure and ensures high durability. With good load-bearing capacity, it provides safety for workers and the load on the scaffolding.
Flexible and easy to use: Wedge scaffolding can be easily installed and dismantled. With flexible clamps and throw pins, it reduces the time and effort required for construction. The scaffolding module is adjustable to the required height and length.
Save time and money: With wedge scaffolding, construction becomes faster and more efficient. This helps reduce construction time and save money on construction projects.
Diverse features: Wedge scaffolding can be used in many different types of construction projects such as civil works, industrial works, bridges and roads, high-rise buildings, and more. This makes wedge scaffolding a popular choice in the construction industry.
Space saving: With a light structure, wedge scaffolding does not take up much space during construction. This helps optimize space on the construction site and create favorable conditions for other activities.
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Supplier of high quality wedge scaffolding
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SAKON also has a team of professional and experienced technical staff and staff, ready to support customers in all stages of the project. Our team will advise and help customers choose a scaffolding solution that suits the specific requirements of the project.
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