Day 15/08/2023

Scaffolding wheels are an effective solution for moving and fixing scaffolding in the construction and construction industry, bringing convenience and cost savings.

What are scaffolding wheels?
Scaffolding wheels are devices attached to scaffold legs to help make moving the scaffold easier. Wheels are designed to help move and fix scaffolding during construction. This is one of the products with convenient and important features for today’s construction projects.
Scaffolding wheels usually have a simple design, consisting of a wheel and a fixing system. Wheels are usually made of rubber or steel, have high durability and good load capacity. The fixing system usually includes screws, bolts and locking parts to ensure safety when used.
Bánh xe giàn giáo là gì?
Types of wheels for mobile scaffolding
With a variety of sizes, materials and features, scaffolding wheels are designed to meet the needs of the construction and repair industry.
One of the popular types of wheels is the 360-degree swivel wheel, which allows the scaffold to move flexibly. This wheel is usually made from high quality metal, which increases the durability and load capacity of the scaffold. In addition, there are also wheels with brakes, which help keep the scaffold in place when not in use.
The wheels also have different load capacity, from 500kg to more than 2000kg, to serve large construction projects. The wheels can also be adjusted to make moving and positioning the scaffold easier.
Mobile scaffolding manufacturers have also developed rust-proof and wear-resistant wheels, which increase the life and performance of the scaffolding. In addition, the wheels can also be adjusted in height, helping to fit uneven surfaces. The use of the right wheels will increase efficiency and safety during moving and installing mobile scaffolding.
Scaffolding wheel application
Ứng dụng bánh xe giàn giáo
Scaffolding wheels are designed for easy and flexible movement on different surfaces during installation as well as moving the scaffold during construction. Below are the main applications of scaffolding wheels:
Moving scaffolding: Scaffolding wheels make moving scaffolding easy and convenient. This helps workers save time and effort in moving scaffolding from one location to another.
Scaffolding installation and dismantling: Scaffolding wheels allow workers to move the scaffolding flexibly to install or dismantle its components. This helps increase working efficiency and reduce the time spent performing these steps.
Demolition works: When construction is completed, scaffolding wheels assist in dismantling the scaffolds and moving them away. This helps save time and effort for collecting and transporting scaffolding after the project is completed.
Use in Transport: Scaffolding wheels can also be used to move materials and equipment during construction. This makes transportation easy and fast.
Thanks to the above important applications, scaffolding wheels reduce the time and effort of moving the scaffolding, helping to improve work efficiency and save a lot of costs.
SAKON provides quality and reputable mobile scaffolding
SAKON specializes in providing quality and reputable mobile scaffolding. The company offers mobile scaffolding with good bearing wheels and ensures safety during construction. The product is also carefully and conveniently designed to ensure easy and safe installation. In addition, SAKON scaffolding also complies with technical and safety standards, giving customers peace of mind about the quality and safety of the products.
SAKON has professional and dedicated customer consulting services. The company’s experienced staff is always ready to help customers find out and choose the right products and services to meet the requirements of each project. The company provides the best scaffolding solutions for construction projects, from small to large, from civil to industrial.
SAKON not only provides scaffolding but also has scaffolding rental services. This service helps customers save costs and avoid the risks of scaffolding management, maintenance and storage. Customers can easily rent scaffolding from SAKON with reasonable prices and flexible rental periods.
SAKON provides scaffolding wheels with heavy load, ensuring fast and convenient scaffolding movement. In addition, we also provide a variety of scaffolding types to provide comfortable choices for customers.
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