What is a scaffold jack? Classification and Application

Day 08/09/2023
Using scaffolding jacks is a measure to help support scaffolding to meet the needs of users. Join SAKON to learn about scaffolding jack models and their applications.
What is a scaffold jack?
Kích tăng giáo
Scaffolding jack is an important part of scaffolding, playing the role of helping to adjust the height and stabilize the scaffold during construction.
Scaffolding jacks usually have a simple structure, consisting of a spindle and an adjustment mechanism. The main shaft is usually made of steel, with strong bearing capacity to ensure the stability of the scaffolding. The adjustment mechanism can be gear, lever or screw system. During operation, workers will rotate or move this mechanism to raise or lower the scaffold precisely.
The flexibility and ease of use of the scaffold jack are outstanding advantages. With the help of the scaffolding jack, adjusting the scaffolding becomes easier than ever. This makes the construction process more convenient and safe. In addition, the scaffolding jack also helps to save time and effort of workers, and at the same time increase work productivity.
Classification of scaffolding jacks
Có 2 loại kích là kích tăng bằng và kích tăng U
There are different types of scaffolding jacks used in the construction industry. Currently, there are two common types of scaffolding jacks: Formwork Flat Jacks and U Head Jacks.
  • Formwork Flat Jack
Formwork Flat Jack is a type of scaffolding jack, also known as jacks, flat jacks, foot jacks… This type of jack comes in solid or hollow form with height dimensions from 0.4 – 0.6m, 34mm tube. and a thickness of 3.5-4 cups.
  • U Head Jack
This is a head jack used on the top of a U-shaped scaffold to support purlins and create a fixed floor support frame.
Using U jacks helps the scaffold not need to install connectors but can still be used to adjust the floor support height. U jacks come in the form of solid steel tubes and hollow tubes with 32 or 34 gauge steel pipes. The basic height of this type of jack is 500m.
Scaffold jack application
Scaffolding jack is a part of the scaffolding system with many roles. Here are some applications of this type of jack:
  • Thanks to the jacking system, workers can easily and safely adjust the height of the scaffolding. This not only saves time but also ensures worker safety during work.
  • Scaffolding jacks are also used in bridge and tunnel construction. It helps to support the structure and keep it stable during construction. In some areas with soft soil structure or weak foundation capacity, scaffolding jacks can help position and stabilize the scaffolding, providing stability to the construction project.
  • When heavy materials and equipment are used in the construction process, the scaffolding jack is responsible for bearing the force and ensuring that the scaffolding does not collapse, ensuring the safety of the entire construction project.


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