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Scaffolding is commonly used for construction projects from small projects and residential homes to high-rise buildings and large projects. So what are scaffolding and what are their applications for construction today? Explore with SAKON below.
What is scaffolding?
Giàn giáo là gì?
Scaffolding is a structural system used in the construction industry to support construction, maintenance, and repair work on tall or difficult-to-reach structures. Scaffolding is usually made from steel bars with high durability and good load-bearing capacity. The main components of a scaffolding system include many details, the most important of which are the scaffolding frame, tie bars and accessories (swivel shackles, jacks, scaffolding trays, safety stairs, wheels…).
Scaffolding is used to create a safe working environment for workers during construction. It provides a strong and stable frame to work on, keeping workers safe, avoiding the risk of falling, slipping or falling from height. In addition, scaffolding also supports the transportation and movement of construction materials, large machinery and equipment during the construction process.
Popular types of scaffolding today
Giàn giáo được lắp đặt nhanh và dễ dàng
There are many types of scaffolding used in construction to assist with construction or maintenance work. Here are some common types of scaffolding:
  • Scaffolding System
Scaffolding System is a scaffolding system designed for quick and easy installation. This type of scaffolding includes components such as scaffolding frames, bases, posts, and horizontal bars, allowing the creation of many different types of scaffolding depending on job requirements.
  • Ringlock scaffolding
Ringlock scaffolding is a type of scaffolding with a flexible structure. It is securely attached to the belt at intersections and can be quickly assembled and disassembled. Ringlock scaffolding provides high stability and can withstand large loads, so it is often used for high-rise buildings or projects that require high flexibility.
  • Frame scaffolding
Frame scaffolding is a traditional and simple type of scaffolding. It consists of square or rectangular frames connected together to form a scaffolding system. Frame scaffolding can be easily adjusted as required and is widely used in construction and maintenance of smaller structures.
  • Wedge scaffolding
Wedge scaffolding (Vietform scaffolding) is a scaffolding that combines wedge struts and horizontal braces with a load-bearing structure to help keep the scaffold stable and sturdy. Wedge scaffolding helps support load-bearing in pouring floors, beams, and columns. This type of scaffolding is often used for residential housing projects or small projects.
  • Cover scaffolding
Covered scaffolding is designed to protect workers and construction materials from environmental factors such as wind and rain. It includes walls surrounding the scaffolding farm and a system of covering materials.
  • Hanging scaffolding
Suspended scaffolding is often used in the construction and maintenance of high-rise buildings, such as exterior, interior or repair of completed buildings. It allows workers to work in hard-to-reach locations without having to move scaffolding.
Each type of scaffolding has its own advantages and applications, depending on the requirements and conditions of the project. Choosing the right type of scaffolding can help you increase work efficiency and ensure safety at construction sites.
Important applications of scaffolding
Giàn giáo cho công trình xây dựng
Scaffolding provides a safe workspace for construction workers when working at height. Below are important applications of scaffolding in the construction industry:
  • Support for construction
Scaffolding provides a safe working environment for construction workers, allowing them to reach work positions at height with ease. It also helps in the transportation and installation of construction materials such as concrete, bricks, steel, etc. becomes easier.
  • Save time and increase productivity
Using scaffolding allows construction workers to access work locations and construction materials quickly and safely. This helps increase productivity and reduce construction time during construction.
  • Guaranteed safety
Scaffolding is designed to ensure the safety of construction workers when working at height. It provides increased adhesion systems, sturdy stand positions and protective walls to prevent falling materials.
  • Flexible and easy to install
Scaffolding can be flexibly adjusted to fit different sizes and shapes of construction projects. It is also easy to install and dismantle, saving time and effort during construction.
  • Inspection and maintenance support
Scaffolding provides a support system for inspection and maintenance of construction projects. It allows maintenance technicians to inspect and repair structures easily and safely.
Why should you choose scaffolding at SAKON?
Sakon cung cấp giàn giáo chất lượng cao, giá tốt
Sakon provides high quality scaffolding at good prices
When constructing projects, scaffolding is an important and indispensable component. At SAKON, we believe that scaffolding is the best choice for construction projects. Here are some reasons why you should choose scaffolding at SAKON:
  • Quality: SAKON is committed to providing high quality scaffolding. Our scaffolding products are made from quality materials, ensuring durability and safety for the project.
  • Diverse designs: SAKON provides many different types of scaffolding, suitable for the specific requirements and conditions of each project. We will advise you on the most suitable type of scaffolding to ensure safety and efficiency during the construction process.
  • Support services: SAKON not only provides scaffolding but also provides related support services. We will help you calculate and design scaffolding, guide installation and use, and ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards.
  • Save time and costs: Using scaffolding from SAKON helps save time and costs during the construction process. The scaffolding system is sturdy and easy to install, helping to reduce construction time and increase work efficiency.
  • Safety for workers: SAKON carefully adjusts and checks the quality of scaffolding, ensuring worker safety while working on scaffolding.

Choosing scaffolding at SAKON is a smart decision because we are committed to bringing you the best quality, service and highest value for your construction projects.

Hopefully the above information has helped you better understand what scaffolding is and choose the right type of scaffolding for your needs.
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