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Disc scaffolding is widely used in construction because of the convenience it brings. So what is a disc scaffold? SAKON will help you find out below.
What is a disc scaffold?
Disc scaffolding, also known as Ringlock scaffolding, is an iron and steel structural system used in the construction industry to support high-rise construction, bridges and roads, or other complex structures. Designed to provide a solid foundation for workers and construction materials, disc scaffolding is one of the indispensable parts of the construction process.
Disc scaffolding is an important part of the construction process and plays an important role in ensuring the safety and stability of the project. Understanding disc scaffolding is essential for construction professionals and workers in this industry.
Giàn giáo đĩa là gì?
Disk scaffold structure
Disc scaffolding is a scaffolding system widely used in the construction industry to support construction, maintenance, or repair work. It includes main components such as tie bars (horizontal bars, vertical bars, diagonal bars), discs, and bolts.
Tie bars are connecting components between scaffold columns. It is made from steel and can be adjusted in length to suit the height of the building. The tie rod is fixed to the disc via clamps or bolts.
Clamps are accessories used to connect tie rods and discs. It has an opening lid mechanism for easy clipping and removal when needed. The clamp is made from steel and has high load capacity.
Bolts are another important accessory of disc scaffolding. They are used to fix and connect components together. Bolts must be sturdy and safe to use, so the quality and durability of bolts are very important.
The tightly linked disc scaffolding structure provides a flexible system and is easy to install during construction. With the main components properly combined, it helps create a solid and safe foundation for construction work.
Cấu tạo giàn giáo đĩa
Disk scaffold application
The application of disc scaffolding is one of the indispensable means in the modern construction industry. Disc scaffolding is a widely used type of scaffolding with many outstanding advantages compared to other types of traditional scaffolding.
Disc scaffolding helps support the quick construction process. With a flexible removable structure, disc scaffolding allows easy adjustment of height and length according to project requirements. This helps contractors create a solid foundation to access and complete interior work such as installing concrete columns, building walls or floors safely and effectively.
Disc scaffolding also helps facilitate the transportation of construction materials and equipment from ground to high. Instead of having to move each part by hand, workers can use scaffolding to load materials one floor at a time, reducing time and effort.
Disk scaffolding applications also include creating a safe workspace. Contractors and workers can work on scaffolding more easily and safely than on unprotected surfaces. This ensures safety and reduces the risk of occupational accidents.
Ứng dụng giàn giáo đĩa
SAKON provides diverse scaffolding for projects
SAKON specializes in providing a variety of scaffolding for construction projects. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, SAKON has provided safe and quality services and projects.
SAKON provides high quality scaffolding types including frame scaffolding, tube scaffolding, and table scaffolding to meet different project requirements. SAKON’s frame scaffolding is made from sturdy steel material, capable of bearing high loads, ensuring safety for workers and the project. SAKON’s pipe scaffolding sets have a light design, easy to assemble and move.
SAKON is committed to bringing customers satisfaction with quality scaffolding products and professional consulting solutions from a team of experienced staff. The company always puts quality and safety as top priorities in every project. With SAKON, customers can be confident in choosing diverse and quality scaffolding to ensure progress and safety in construction projects.
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