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Using scaffolding correctly and correctly can help ensure the success of a construction project. Determining what a scaffolding kit includes tells you what is needed to create a safe scaffolding system
Introduction to scaffolding in construction
Giàn giáo xây dựng
Scaffolding is a supporting frame system used to support during construction. Scaffolding ensures safety for workers and creates favorable conditions for construction.
Scaffolding consists of steel bars and alloy structures for the purpose of supporting the construction and protection of the building. Types of scaffolding can be installed temporarily or permanently, depending on the intended use and project requirements.
The main use of scaffolding is to create a solid framework for workers to work on. This helps create a safe and stable space to carry out construction work, including installing building materials, spraying paint, or repairing structures.
In addition, scaffolding also helps increase work efficiency and ensure safety for workers when working at height.
At the same time, scaffolding also saves time and effort in installation, dismantling and moving. The flexible and easily adjustable structure of scaffolding allows it to work effectively on many different types of projects.
What does 1 set of scaffolding include?
Bộ giàn giáo gồm những gì?
What does a set of scaffolding include? This is a question many people ask when looking for the right scaffolding for their project. Grasping the structure and parts of scaffolding helps ensure the safe and standard construction and erection of scaffolding with all parts.
  • Scaffolding frame
Scaffolding frame is a frame consisting of scaffolding rods connected together to form a solid link system. It is made up of sturdy bars, pipes and connecting parts to create a sturdy and safe structure. Currently, scaffolding frames have a number of standard sizes such as: 900mm x 1250mm, 1200mm x 1250mm, 1530mm x 1250mm, 1700mm x 1250mm.
  • Cross bar
Scaffolding cross bars are important components of scaffolding frames. These bars have the role of fixing and stabilizing the scaffolding system. Cross bars are placed at the corners of the scaffold and connected to the horizontal and vertical bars by connection parts, such as screws or scaffold clips. Cross bars increase the load capacity and reduce the risk of scaffolding toppling.
  • Scaffolding tray (working platform)
Scaffolding tray is an item that is placed on the scaffolding frame to create an overhead workspace. Scaffolding trays are designed to provide a safe and convenient platform for workers working at high levels on construction sites. Scaffolding tray enhances work efficiency, saves time and greatly increases worker safety.
  • Size increased
Scaffolding jacks are an important accessory in the installation and maintenance of scaffolding. Scaffolding jacks are used to raise or adjust the height of scaffolding. Scaffolding jacks can be adjusted easily and ensure stability and safety for both scaffolders and workers.
  • Swivel shackle
Scaffolding shackle is a special accessory used to connect components of scaffolding. Scaffolding swing shackles allow scaffolding components to be joined tightly and flexibly. Scaffolding swivel shackles help increase the durability and sturdiness of scaffolding, while minimizing the risk of collapse and incidents during construction.
  • Scaffolding stairs
Scaffolding stairs are an important part that help provide a safe and convenient path for workers working on high floors of scaffolding. Scaffold stairs are often installed and fastened on scaffolding so that employees can move easily and safely from one scaffold floor to another.
Cầu thang an toàn cần thiết trong giàn giáo
  • Scaffolding feet
Scaffolding feet are square-shaped support legs, to support reinforcement and create stability for scaffolding. Scaffolding legs are made of steel material, with high bearing capacity and good durability. Scaffolding legs help create the foundation and load-bearing function of the scaffolding to ensure safety during construction.
  • Scaffolding poles
Scaffolding poles are vertical poles fixed to the base of the scaffold to keep the scaffold steady and prevent it from falling. They are made from steel and have high bearing capacity, ensuring safety and stability for the construction.
  • Wheels (for mobile scaffolding)
Scaffolding wheels are components with a steel frame and wheels that are fixed to the bottom of the scaffolding. They allow the scaffold to move conveniently and easily over smooth or uneven surfaces. Scaffolding wheels also help reduce time and effort when needing to move scaffolding from one location to another during construction.
  • Accessories for the complete scaffolding system
The complete scaffolding system also comes with accessories for connecting parts such as hooks, screws, nails. Thanks to these accessories, it helps to make stronger connections to the components. These accessories are necessary for a sturdy scaffolding system, helping workers feel secure working on the scaffolding.
SAKON provides complete, high-quality scaffolding sets
SAKON cung cấp giàn giáo chất lượng
SAKON specializes in providing complete and high-quality scaffolding for construction projects. With more than 10 years of experience, SAKON has become one of the leading suppliers and contractors of high quality scaffolding in Hanoi.
SAKON’s scaffolding kit not only meets the technical requirements of construction sites, but also can be customized according to customer requirements. With a team of experienced technicians, SAKON can advise and provide the most suitable scaffolding solution for all customer requirements.
Quality is one of the most important factors that SAKON puts on top. The company’s products are rigorously tested before reaching customers, ensuring that the scaffoldings meet the highest quality and safety standards. With commitment and professionalism in providing scaffolding, SAKON has been trusted and chosen by customers for many large construction projects.
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