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Scaffolding with size 1m7 is chosen by many units because of its utility for each project. If you need to build works and need scaffolding size of 1m7, please refer to the product at SAKON.

The role of scaffolding in the construction
Giàn giáo có vai trò quan trọng đối với công trình
Scaffolding plays an important role in ensuring the safety of construction workers. They provide a solid and stable foundation for workers to work on. The main material of the scaffolding is steel, which allows it to withstand large weights along with other impacts.
Thanks to the flexibility of the scaffolding, workers can safely and efficiently access elevated areas of the construction site. Scaffolding size 1m7 also plays an important role in the implementation of scaffolding system installation in the construction of indoor and outdoor works.
Standard scaffold sizes
Standard scaffolding dimensions play an important role in building construction. They are used to create a support and protection system for workers during construction and at the same time help create a safe and effective working environment.
Not only for the purpose of supporting workers, scaffolding also helps the construction to go according to plan and save time. Standard scaffolding dimensions are generally in compliance with national and international standards.
Some standard scaffold sizes include:
SAKON cung cấp kích thước giàn giáo tiêu chuẩn
  • Standard height: Scaffolding sizes usually range from 1.5m to 2m above the ground and can extend up to 50m or more.
  • Standard width: Scaffold width size usually ranges from 0.6m to 1.2m, but can vary depending on project requirements.
  • Distance between bars and platforms: Depending on the type of project and requirements, the distance between scaffolding columns and platforms can range from 1m to 2m.
In addition, scaffolding also has accompanying accessories such as: bases, quick locks, steel pipes, brackets… These are important components that help create a scaffolding system that operates safely and stably. determined.
To ensure the safety and durability of scaffolding, choosing and using standard sizes is necessary. If regulations are not followed properly, scaffolding may not be strong enough to bear the load or easily cause accidents during construction.
When to use scaffolding size 1m7?
Kích thước giàn giáo 1m7 được sử dụng trong nhiều công trình
Scaffolding size of 1m7 is often used in construction projects and work related to decoration, repair, and installation. Here are some specific situations where scaffolding size 1m7 should be used:
  • In construction projects: When needing to do work such as wall painting, ceiling painting, plastering or even building high floors, the scaffolding size of 1m7 is very useful. With this size, workers can reach high positions and work safely and efficiently.
  • In decoration and installation work: The scaffolding size of 1m7 is also suitable for installing lighting systems, security cameras or advertising signs in companies, stores or buildings. In particular, when it is necessary to change positions or clean these systems, 1m7 scaffolding will help workers achieve their goals conveniently.
  • In repair work: The scaffolding size of 1m7 is also very useful when needing to repair walls, ceilings, or install plumbing systems and electrical pipes. When using this scaffolding, workers can move flexibly and reach the necessary positions to perform work easily.
However, the use of scaffolding size of 1m7 needs to be done in accordance with the regulations of the authorities. The work must have safety assurance and meet the necessary technical requirements. In addition, it is necessary to carefully survey before choosing the appropriate scaffold size to ensure the most convenient and safe use.
SAKON offers a wide range of scaffolding sizes
SAKON cung cấp đa dạng các loại kích thước giàn giáo
SAKON is a company specializing in providing scaffolding with diverse sizes to meet customer needs. With more than 10 years of experience in the construction industry and scaffolding trade, SAKON has become a reputable brand in this field.
The company offers scaffoldings of different heights and lengths to suit all types of construction. Customers can choose the size in accordance with the requirements of their project. Common sizes include 1.5m x 2m, 1.5m x 2.5m, 1.7m x 2m and 1.7m x 2.5m. In addition, SAKON provides scaffolding in custom sizes if required by the customer.
SAKON’s scaffolding is manufactured from high quality steel, ensuring sustainability and high safety. Scaffolding components have undergone rigorous testing to ensure compliance with safety and quality standards. SAKON is also committed to providing professional and prompt customer service to ensure customer satisfaction.
Not only do they come in different heights and lengths, scaffolding provided by SAKON can also be customized with many different shapes. Customers can choose different types of scaffolding depending on project requirements. SAKON will provide additional suitable accessories such as scaffolding clamps, scaffolding nails, scaffolding legs and scaffolding platforms to ensure stability. and safety for the project.
With a variety of scaffolding types provided, SAKON will certainly meet all customer needs.
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