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Choosing the right size of scaffolding plank helps the scaffolding system be sure and safe. If you are an investor or contractor looking for scaffolding trays to complete the scaffolding system, choose SAKON immediately to receive a detailed quote.
The importance of scaffolding plank
Scaffolding trays are one of the important tools to establish a complete, safe and quality scaffolding system. Scaffolding trays create a safe and convenient working space for workers. The scaffolding tray can be adjusted in size and height, helping to create a scaffolding system for flexible working. As a result, workers can easily access difficult or dangerous positions during construction.
Choosing the right scaffolding tray size helps to ensure safety, improve work efficiency and save construction time.
Mâm giàn giáo tạo không gian để làm việc trên cao 
What is the size of the scaffolding plank?
Scaffolding tray sizes are usually designed and manufactured according to international standards. The main dimensions of scaffolding trays include thickness, width and length.
For common scaffolding wheels, the thickness of the tray is usually about 2-2.5mm, ensuring durability and good bearing. The width of the wheel can be 300mm or 450mm, depending on the specific project requirements. As for the length, the scaffolding tray can be from 1m to 3m in length, flexible in adapting to many different construction jobs.
The size of the scaffolding tray is important to ensure safety and convenience during use. Choosing the right size will help increase work efficiency and reduce risks during construction.
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Note when choosing the size of the scaffolding tray
Scaffolding tray size is an important factor when choosing the right scaffolding system for a construction site. Choosing the right size of scaffolding tray not only saves costs but also ensures safety and efficiency in construction.
  • Need to determine the size of the project
Scaffolding tray size must match the size and height of the building. When choosing a size that is too large, it will be wasteful and difficult to move. On the contrary, if the wheel size is too small, it will not be able to bear the load and is not safe.
  • Need to consider the load of the building
Scaffolding trays must be designed to withstand the load of the building. The selection of scaffolding trays must be based on the volume of materials and equipment used during construction. If the scaffolding plate is not strong enough to bear the load, it may break or cause an accident.
Mâm giàn giáo
  • Consider mobility
Scaffolding plate size selection must also be based on the mobility and installation capacity of the site. Scaffolding trays that are too large will be difficult to move and cause trouble in transportation. Scaffolding trays too small will not be strong enough to bear the load and cannot be used for large projects.
  • The cost should be appropriate
Choosing the size of the scaffolding tray needs to consider safety and cost. Larger scaffolding trays usually cost more. However, depending on the case, this will be a necessary investment because it ensures safety and efficiency in construction.
Choosing the right size has a great influence on the construction, so it is necessary to conduct a careful selection of the professional team to ensure the success of the project.
SAKON provides good price scaffolding plank
SAKON cung cấp mâm giáo số lượng lớn
SAKON is a company that provides good price and high quality scaffolding wheels. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of scaffolding construction and rental, SAKON is confident in providing quality products and professional services.
Scaffolding trays ensure the safety of workers and are of great help in construction. SAKON understands the important role of scaffolding trays in construction projects, so has created a variety of scaffolding products that fully meet international requirements and standards.
SAKON is committed to providing good quality scaffolding products. The products are tested and comply with the highest safety standards. Our scaffolding wheels are varied in size, made from high quality, corrosion resistant and durable materials. Our technical team is always ready to advise and assist customers in choosing the right product for their project.
In addition, SAKON also provides scaffolding tray rental service with affordable price. We understand that owning scaffolding trays can be a big part of the construction cost, so we want to meet the needs of our customers at the most reasonable price.
With a team of experienced staff, we are committed to meet all customer requirements and ensure the highest satisfaction.
With SAKON, customers can be assured of the quality and value of the scaffolding products that we provide. We always put the interests of our customers first and constantly strive to bring absolute satisfaction to every construction project.
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