Scaffolding installation service in Vinh Phuc

Day 05/09/2023

I. Introducing Sakon company

SAKON is one of the leading units in the field of scaffolding installation for construction projects. Established in 2012 with a team of engineers, technicians and staff with many years of experience in the industry, SAKON has become a reliable choice for project investors. SAKON is always proud to provide the highest quality scaffolding solutions to ensure safety and efficiency for all customer projects.


Dự án nhà máy BHFLEX VINA Vĩnh Phúc được thực hiện bởi SAKON

BHFLEX VINA factory project in Khai Quang industrial park, Vinh Phuc is one of SAKON’s key projects implemented in Vinh Phuc. We also carry out many other scaffolding installation projects in Vinh Phuc for urban areas and industrial parks in the province… With strict requirements on safety, quality and completion time, Sakon has shows its capacity and reputation through these projects.
II. Services of the company Sakon
A. Installation of scaffolding
SAKON is a company providing professional scaffolding installation services in Vinh Phuc, meeting the needs of many customers nationwide. SAKON’s services are guaranteed quality, capable of implementing large projects, diverse in scaffolding types and professional technical team.
1. Professional technical team
SAKON’s technical team is highly trained and experienced in scaffolding installation. SAKON employees have the ability to come up with creative solutions, optimize project costs and time, helping customers save a lot of unnecessary costs.
SAKON lắp đặt giàn giáo với đội ngũ nhân sự chuyên nghiệp
2. SAKON’s ability to implement large projects
SAKON’s ability to carry out large projects is guaranteed by installation and construction processes that meet quality standards, modern technology and equipment. Customers can be completely assured about the quality and progress of project completion.
3. Diverse types of scaffolding with SAKON
SAKON provides a variety of scaffolding types to suit each type of project. Some of the scaffolding SAKON provides include: System scaffolding, Ringlock scaffolding, tube scaffolding, hanging scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, wedge scaffolding… All products are thoroughly tested before installation to ensure safety and durability.
SAKON cam kết cung cấp giàn giáo chất lượng cao
In short, SAKON is a reliable address in scaffolding installation. Customers are guaranteed quality, reasonable prices, quick completion time and a professional technical team. Thanks to that, SAKON has become one of the names trusted and chosen by users.
B. Scaffolding rental
Besides scaffolding installation services in Vinh Phuc, SAKON also rents scaffolding with a commitment to quality and reasonable costs.
1. Various types of scaffolding
SAKON is one of the leading scaffolding rental service providers in Vietnam. The special thing of SAKON is to focus on providing a variety of scaffolding types to meet the needs of customers.
With more than 10 years of experience in the field of scaffolding installation, construction and rental, SAKON has built a scaffolding system with a variety of sizes and features.
2. Quality and safety
In addition, the quality and safety of the service are also guaranteed by SAKON. To ensure the safety of users, SAKON uses standard scaffoldings that prevent the scaffolding from slipping and tilting in bad weather conditions. At the same time, the details of the scaffolding are carefully crafted, ensuring that the scaffolding does not break or wear out during use.
SAKON luôn đặt an toàn và chất lượng lên hàng đầu
3. Convenience for construction works
SAKON’s scaffolding rental service also brings a lot of convenience to customers, especially in the construction of works. Scaffolding makes the construction work faster, saving costs and labor.
Customers do not need to worry about maintenance and maintenance and also reduce risks during use. All costs and risks will be guaranteed by the service provider and SAKON is the most experienced and reputable unit in the market today.
With the above advantages, SAKON’s scaffolding rental service is considered as one of the best services today for construction projects in Vietnam.
III. Summary
SAKON Scaffolding Joint Stock Company is committed to quality and installation progress. With a team of professional and experienced staff, we ensure every scaffolding is installed according to standards and safely. The project implementation time is also guaranteed to be neat, tidy and fast, meeting the requirements of customers.
The company always creates conditions for customers to access the best services and have the best experience when using the service. All customer feedback is received and handled quickly and efficiently, ensuring customer satisfaction.
To choose scaffolding installation service in Vinh Phuc and enjoy service-related benefits, please contact SAKON immediately:


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