Day 07/08/2023
I. Introducing Sakon company
  Dịch vụ cho thuê giàn giáo của SAKON giúp đáp ứng nhu cầu các doanh nghiệp
SAKON company specializes in providing scaffolding installation services in Phu Tho to ensure prestige and reliability. With a team of experienced and highly specialized technicians, the company has been providing scaffolding installation services for large-scale construction projects such as bridges, roads, apartments, factories… locally. province table.
Scaffolding installation company in Phu Tho Sakon has a team of experienced experts in the field of scaffolding installation. We use high quality scaffolding to ensure the safety, sturdiness, durability and quality of the scaffolding system. We ensure to always meet the strict requirements of customers in terms of safety, progress and cost.
The JNTC Garment Factory project in Thuy Van Industrial Park, Viet Tri implemented by SAKON is an important project that helps affirm our quality and brand.
When you need to install scaffolding in Phu Tho, please contact us for advice, answers to all questions and the best quote. To see more SAKON scaffolding installation projects, please refer to:
II. Services of the company Sakon
Installing scaffolding is an important job when constructing architectural works, industrial parks or civil housing projects. If you are looking for a potential and reliable partner, you cannot ignore SAKON’s scaffolding installation service in Phu Tho.
A. Installing scaffolding in Phu Tho
  • 1. Professional technical team
With a professional technical team, SAKON has successfully implemented many scaffolding installation projects in Phu Tho. We advise customers on the type of scaffolding suitable for the needs and budget of the project.
  • 2. Ability to implement large projects
SAKON has provided services to large units and enterprises in Phu Tho province. The unit has a team of professional personnel with high expertise and extensive experience to help meet the needs of installing scaffolding in Phu Tho for large projects.
  • 3. Diverse types of scaffolding
SAKON also offers a wide variety of leather scaffoldings suitable for many types of construction. Scaffolding from suspended scaffolding, system scaffolding, Korean scaffolding, etc. are all provided by SAKON.
B. Scaffolding rental in Phu Tho
  • 1. Various types of scaffolding
If you are in need of a scaffolding rental service in Phu Tho for your construction project, come to SAKON for the best service. We provide a variety of scaffolding types with all sizes and designs to suit customer requirements. All of our scaffolds are quality and safety guaranteed. There are many types of scaffolding for customers to choose from such as: Ringlock scaffolding, system scaffolding, hanging scaffolding, wedge scaffolding, safety stairs…
  • 2. Quality and safety
Product quality is our top criterion. Our products are manufactured using high-quality materials such as steel, aluminum and wood, so you can rest assured about their durability and safety.
Not only do we ensure quality and safety, we also provide a convenient scaffolding rental experience for customers in Phu Tho. We pride ourselves on our quick and convenient scaffolding rental service, with reasonable prices. SAKON is committed to fully meeting customer needs professionally and quickly.
SAKON đảm bảo thực hiện đúng tiêu chuẩn kỹ thuật và độ an toàn khi thực hiện dự án
  • 3. Convenience for construction works
With SAKON’s scaffolding rental services in Phu Tho, customers will not have to worry about lack of supplies or unnecessary costs. We will support you from the preparation, delivery and installation stages, until customers complete the construction project. We also have the best warranty for our scaffolding products.
Finding scaffolding rental or installation services in Phu Tho is no longer a difficult problem with SAKON. With product diversity, guaranteed quality and convenient service, we are confident in bringing customers the best scaffolding products.
III. Summary
Sakon is proud to provide the best scaffolding services in Phu Tho, always ensuring quality and project progress. Sakon is developing detailed plans to ensure that every project is completed on schedule.
Customer satisfaction is Sakon’s top priority. Sakon always tries to meet customer needs and is committed to providing the most optimal solutions. The company is ready to support customers anytime, anywhere, quickly and effectively.
If you are looking for the best scaffolding installation service for your project, contact Sakon for the best advice and support.
Address: 177 Quan Nhan – Nhan Chinh – Thanh Xuan – Hanoi
Phone: 024.35690.789 – Hotline: 0913.377.411
Choose SAKON to install scaffolding and bring safety to your construction!