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Day 04/08/2023
I. Introducing Sakon company
SAKON specializes in providing professional scaffolding installation services
SAKON Company is a professional and reputable provider of scaffolding installation services in Ha Nam. The company was founded in 2012 in Hanoi and is increasingly known for providing services to different locations nationwide. The company provides a variety of scaffolding products and services, bringing peace of mind to customers.
SAKON is a unit specializing in the field of construction and installation of scaffolding at large projects and is considered one of the leading units in terms of quality and service. The company has succeeded in implementing many construction projects with large customers in Vietnam and foreign partners in Vietnam.
The company has installed scaffolding for projects in Dong Van Industrial Park. To see more details about SAKON’s projects, please visit the address:
With much experience and a high sense of responsibility, SAKON company always provides the best products and services to its customers. We always want to bring the highest satisfaction and trust to our customers.
II. Services of the company Sakon
SAKON company’s scaffolding installation service in Ha Nam is one of the optimal and effective services that helps bring a lot of value to businesses in the province.
Công trình được SAKON thực hiện
A. Installation of scaffolding
SAKON provides solutions for construction and installation of scaffolding for construction, energy and civil works. Our service has many features and advantages.
  • 1. Professional technical team
SAKON owns a technical team that is experienced, highly qualified and has specialized training in scaffolding installation technology. Thanks to that, customers can be assured of the quality of service and safety of the project.
  • 2. Ability to implement large projects
SAKON can carry out large projects including high-rise buildings, power plants, factories, sports grounds and other special projects.
  • 3. Diverse types of scaffolding
SAKON provides a variety of scaffolding types to meet customer needs, including construction scaffolding, table scaffolding, hanging scaffolding, steel scaffolding and other types of scaffolding. SAKON products are imported from manufacturers around the world, in accordance with the standards and requirements of the Vietnamese market.
SAKON is committed to providing customers with high quality scaffolding installation services at the best prices on the market. SAKON company’s professional and experienced staff will ensure the safest and most effective implementation of your projects. You can also rest assured about the cost when using SAKON’s services because the company’s values are cost optimization and quality assurance.
B. Scaffolding rental
SAKON is a trusted scaffolding rental company in Ha Nam. With the motto of professional operation and the desire to bring customers the best products, SAKON has developed a series of scaffoldings with different features to suit customers’ projects.
Công ty SAKON cho thuê giàn giáo với đa dạng chủng loại
  • 1. Various types of scaffolding
SAKON provides a variety of scaffolding with quality tested from reputable specialized agencies. We guarantee safety and quality for customers to use. To meet the needs of customers, SAKON has developed scaffoldings with high load capacity, high durability and meet current construction industry standards. Various types of scaffolding for hire: System scaffolding, safety stairs, cover scaffolding, tube scaffolding, Hanging scaffolding…
  • 2. Quality and safety
With SAKON, safety always comes first. SAKON always ensures that its products always meet the highest safety and quality standards to ensure providing customers with the best products.
  • 3. Convenience for construction works


SAKON mang đến sự an toàn và tiện lợi cho các công trình
SAKON’s rental products also bring many utilities to construction projects in Ha Nam. SAKON products are designed to be easy to install and move, saving time and money on construction sites.
In addition, SAKON’s scaffolding rental service also brings many other benefits such as professional and friendly service and advice, the ability to quickly and optimally meet customers’ needs. We answer all your questions and offer the most suitable solutions.
So, if you are in need of scaffolding rental or installation in Ha Nam, please contact SAKON for the best support and assurance of product quality and safety. Hotline: 0913.377.411
III. Contact and customer care
SAKON company’s scaffolding solutions are very diverse, from common types of scaffolding to special types of scaffolding. Customers can choose materials and sizes to suit their requirements, as well as receive free consulting support to make the right decision when using the company’s services.
What differentiates SAKON company from other scaffolding installation service providers is its focus on customer needs and satisfaction. Scaffolding installation company in Ha Nam SAKON always puts customer satisfaction first in all its decisions. This has helped the company build a reputable image and receive great trust and support from customers over the years.
Address: 177 Quan Nhan – Nhan Chinh – Thanh Xuan – Hanoi
Phone: 024.35690.789 – Hotline: 0913.377.411
Choose SAKON to install scaffolding and bring safety to your construction!