Safety Scaffolding Installation Process

Day 02/08/2023

SAKON is one of the leading companies in the field of providing professional scaffolding installation services. With a team of experienced and highly qualified staff, SAKON is committed to providing customers with the most optimal solutions and ensuring absolute safety during scaffolding installation.

I. Sakon’s scaffolding installation service


Dịch vụ lắp đặt giàn giáo an toàn


1. Role of scaffolding in construction

Scaffolding is a structural system consisting of tools, fittings and connecting parts used to support and protect constructions. It is used to create a safe platform for construction workers and materials during construction.

The main role of scaffolding is to help support workers and construction materials in high and hard to reach locations. It makes it possible for workers to work safely and more efficiently during construction.

2. Importance of installing quality scaffolding

The importance of installing quality scaffolding is undeniable:

  • Important support to ensure the safety of the installer and those around the work, minimizing the risk of accidents.
  • Improve construction efficiency, quickly and effectively.
  • Reduce costs for investors.
  • Finally, the use of quality scaffolding will help minimize the influence of weather or other factors on the construction. This helps to ensure that the project always achieves the best quality.

II. Benefits of hiring scaffolding installation service

Safety scaffolding installation is an indispensable stage in the construction process. It helps contractors and investors to conduct construction more safely and efficiently. However, the installation of scaffolding also requires high professionalism and technique. That is why many customers choose to hire scaffolding installation services.


SAKON cung cấp dịch vụ thi công giàn giáo cho các dự án lớn

1. Save time and effort 
Scaffolding requires skill and experience. If customers do it themselves, it may take a lot of time and effort to complete the job. However, when hiring scaffolding installation services, customers will save their time and effort.
2. Ensure safety and efficiency during construction
Teams of professionals are trained and experienced in scaffolding installation. They understand the safety procedures, techniques and regulations during installation. Therefore, when customers hire installation services, they can be assured of safety and efficiency during the construction process.
3. Enjoy the professionalism and high technique from a team of experts
Sakon is a scaffolding installation company that can provide customers with the best solutions to achieve their construction goals. We provide advice on design and materials that are best suited to the intended use of the building, thereby helping customers save costs and optimize the performance of the project.
III. Professional scaffolding installation process
Mỗi dự án đều được thi công giàn giáo theo quy trình chuyên nghiệp
Sakon’s scaffolding installation process complies with international quality standards and regulations, ensuring safety and convenience for the project.
Before installing scaffolding, Sakon will enthusiastically advise customers to use the right product for their needs, quote the cost for customers to easily choose.
A. Project requirements assessment and scaffolding drawing design
1. Appraisal of suitable location, size and type of scaffolding
Appraisal of the appropriate location, size and type of scaffolding is an important factor to ensure the safety of people and materials during construction.
2. Design scaffolding drawings to ensure safety and utility
Safety is ensured by using high-quality materials that ensure bearing capacity and slip resistance. Besides, the design of scaffolding must ensure easy installation and dismantling, in accordance with the special requirements of each specific project.
B. Prepare materials and tools
1. Inspect and prepare scaffolding components
This is the main component for scaffolding construction, including: frames, cross braces; Included accessories: jacks, swing shackles, stairs, scaffolding trees, scaffolding feet, scaffolding trays. Thorough inspection is required to ensure they are complete and undamaged. Sakon company helps customers transport materials to construction sites. We are equipped with specialized trucks to carry materials to ensure the best preparation for scaffolding installation.
2. Identify and prepare tools to support the installation of scaffolding
Determining and preparing materials and tools carefully before installing scaffolding will help ensure the safety of workers. These tools include wrenches, nails, drills, measuring tools, and other tools to help install and repair scaffolding.
C. Installation of scaffolding
1. Carry out the installation of scaffolding components according to the plan
This process includes checking the height, strength and stiffness of the scaffold, ensuring that it does not wobble or fall during use.
2. Check and ensure the stability and safety of the scaffolding
Properly installing scaffolding and ensuring safety will help the work be carried out accurately and quickly, and at the same time, minimize occupational safety risks for operators and workers.
With its capacity, SAKON will definitely be the place to help you choose with peace of mind. The feedback and reviews of our customers are very important and necessary suggestions for us. We always acknowledge and absorb the comments of our customers.

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