Day 09/09/2023
Rules for dismantling scaffolding need to be strictly followed to ensure safety for construction workers and materials. So what are the rules of safe dismantling?
What is scaffolding dismantling?
Scaffolding dismantling is a complex process and requires attention and discipline from workers. Complying with this rule not only ensures the safety of everyone involved in the work, but also helps minimize risks and time spent dismantling scaffolding.
Dismantling scaffolding can face challenges such as limited space, difficult-to-reach locations, and worker safety. Therefore, this process requires careful management, meticulous planning and compliance with labor safety regulations.
Tháo dỡ giàn giáo là gì?
Rules for dismantling scaffolding
Scaffolding dismantling rule is a set of necessary requirements in the process of dismantling the scaffolding system. This rule ensures the safety of workers and ensures that scaffolding dismantling takes place effectively and saves time. Here are the rules in dismantling scaffolding that any unit needs to follow:
  • Educate workers on safety procedures and measures
Workers need to be fully trained in dismantling scaffolding and must have a clear understanding of safety measures such as wearing helmets, using appropriate tools and following safe operating rules.
  • Check the tools for dismantling
Scaffolding dismantling requires the right tools and ensures the safety of the dismantler. Dismantling tools should be checked to ensure that they are used effectively.
  • Follow the dismantling steps in the correct order
Step 1: External parts of the structure need to be moved or removed to access parts of the scaffolding. The workers need to work carefully to avoid damaging the surrounding structures.
Step 2: Small parts of the scaffolding such as screws, bolts, metal and steel pipes need to be dismantled safely and in the correct order. Workers need to use appropriate tools to disassemble these parts without damaging the scaffolding or injuring themselves.
Step 3: After dismantling the small sections, workers can dismantle the larger parts of the scaffolding one by one. It is important to ensure that these parts do not overlap other parts and are removed safely to avoid accidents and damage.
  • Be careful when dismantling scaffolding


Lưu ý khi tháo dỡ giàn giáo

When dismantling scaffolding, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure everyone’s safety and avoid causing damage to the project. Here are some points to remember when dismantling scaffolding.
  • Must be familiar with special details and dismantling procedures.
  • Ensure that the entire area around the scaffolding has been cleaned.
  • Remove all remaining materials, such as cement, bricks, or any other building materials that may interfere.
  • Dismantle scaffolding from top to bottom
  • Ensure that all scaffolding brackets and materials are completely removed before leaving the site.
Thoroughly check to make sure no mass is missed. To assist in the dismantling process, you can use devices such as jacks to reduce the load on the scaffold.
Tuân thủ các bước tháo dỡ theo đúng thứ tự
Always follow safe scaffolding dismantling rules during scaffold dismantling. Ensure that all staff are properly trained and equipped with personal protective equipment. Use safety tools and equipment, such as helmets, seat belts, and hand-gloves. If you encounter any safety issues, stop work and ask for help from a professional or manager.
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