Day 17/07/2023

SAKON’s scaffolding installation service in Hanoi helps customers solve scaffolding safety problems. Safe and quality scaffolding helps the works to be carried out smoothly. This is a service that makes an important contribution to creating real value, ensuring project quality and construction progress.

I. About SAKON

SAKON company was established in 2012 as a unit with a lot of expertise and experience in the field of scaffolding construction and installation. In addition, we also provide high quality scaffolding products to meet the needs of customers.
If you are in need of scaffolding installation in Hanoi or renting/buying high quality scaffolding products, please contact us for the best advice and support. SAKON is committed to bringing satisfaction to customers with the best products and services.
Some of SAKON’s outstanding projects in Hanoi include: Tay Ho View Luxury Apartment, Nhon Station, Samsung R&D Research Building… These projects are all large-scale projects with high quality requirements about scaffolding.
>> See more about SAKON’s projects at: https://en.sakon.vn/project/projects/
With the above achievements, it can be seen that the investment in service quality, our 10-year experience in scaffolding construction will definitely bring safety and efficiency to your projects.
II. SAKON’s services

A. Scaffolding Installation 

SAKON’s scaffolding installation service in Hanoi will help customers completely trust and choose. We are committed to providing the best scaffolding solution for every project.

1. Professional technical team

SAKON’s technical team is highly trained and highly qualified, ensuring the ability to carry out scaffolding installation projects in Hanoi with the highest precision and durability. SAKON’s engineers and employees are all experienced in the construction and installation of construction equipment, mastering the processes and standards in this field.

2. Ability to execute large projects

The ability to carry out large projects is one of the highlights of Sakon. With good organization and project management ability, Sakon has successfully implemented many scaffolding installation projects in Hanoi for large projects. Sakon always ensures the quality and time to complete the project according to the customer’s request.

3. Various types of scaffolding

Sakon provides a variety of scaffoldings to suit the needs of customers, including: Ringlock scaffolding, BS 1139 standard tube scaffolding, cover scaffolding, mobile scaffolding… Customers can choose the type of scaffolding suitable to the requirements of the project.

B. Scaffolding rental

Scaffolding rental is a very useful service in the construction field. And Sakon is one of the most reputable and quality scaffold rental units on the market today.

1. Various types of scaffolding

SAKON provides high-quality scaffolding, ensuring safety for users during construction. Many high-class scaffolding products are provided by us such as: System Scaffolding, Working Tower, Ringlock Scaffolding, Covering Scaffolding, Tube Scaffolding, Suspended Scaffolding, Mobile Scaffolding, Wedge Scaffolding…

2. Quality and safety

All SAKON products are thoroughly tested before being put on the market and have certificates. Scaffolding is durable, committed to good bearing. New, rust-free scaffolds, combined with flexible connection accessories, provide a high level of robustness.

3. Convenience for construction works

SAKON’s scaffolding rental service also helps customers save storage space. Customers do not need to buy and store scaffolding for a long time, thereby saving a lot of costs.

In addition, SAKON provides scaffolding rental services with affordable prices and flexible rental periods. Customers can rent scaffolding by day, week or month depending on usage needs. This helps customers save money and time during construction. Customers can completely choose at the appropriate time according to their wishes.

SAKON’s scaffolding rental service is an optimal solution for construction projects. With high quality, safety and convenience, SAKON is the first choice of many customers in the field of construction.

IV. Summary

SAKON’s scaffolding installation service in Hanoi will help you get a lot of value and ensure the safety and quality of your projects. SAKON always puts customer satisfaction first. The company has always considered this an important factor in measuring its success. With a dynamic professional team and commitment to quality, SAKON has been trusted by contractors and customers.

Sakon company contact information


Address: 177 Quan Nhan – Nhan Chinh – Thanh Xuan – Hanoi

Phone: 024.35690.789 – Hotline: 0913.377.411

Email: cuong.sakon@gmail.com

Website: https://en.sakon.vn/

Choose SAKON to install scaffolding and bring safety to your construction!