Professional Scaffolding Installation Process By SAKON

Day 11/08/2023

The scaffolding installation process brings convenience and safety to projects. With standard and professional processes, construction units can rest assured to carry out construction in the safest way.

I. Regulations for safe scaffold installation
Lắp đặt giàn giáo cho công trình trên cao
To install scaffolding safely, construction units must comply with the following regulations:
When installing scaffolding, it is necessary to ensure that all pieces of equipment, including those that cannot be redesigned, have complied with the provisions of safety standards.
  • Make sure all slots are placed in appropriate locations, in accordance with safety regulations.
  • Check the device and cables to ensure that there is no loss or damage.
  • Carefully check scaffolding equipment before use to ensure safety.
  • Safety devices should be used to ensure that no chemicals are affected during installation.
  • Real-time checks should be made to ensure that equipment is maintained on time.
  • When installing scaffolding, technicians must comply with safety regulations and must be trained in basic safety principles.
  • Electrical safety regulations should be observed.
II. 7 steps in the scaffolding installation process
7 bước trong quy trình lắp đặt giàn giáo
Step 1: Consulting
We visit the construction site and give advice on the best solution for scaffolding installation.
Step 2: Site survey
We carried out a specific survey of the installation location, and analyzed the terrain to come up with a brief implementation plan.
Step 3: Make drawings and quotes
After having specific survey and analysis results, we proceed to make detailed drawings and make quotations to send to customers.
Step 4: Prepare materials
We prepare materials to ensure construction progress.
Step 5: Safety training
All of our installation workers and managers receive input safety training prior to the actual installation.
Step 6: Installation
Our workers install scaffolding as required, and monitor, evaluate and repair to ensure safety during the customer’s use of the scaffold.
Step 7: Dismantling
After receiving the dismantling request from the customer, we are there in time to safely carry out the dismantling and move the material out of the dismantling site.
III. The importance of a professional scaffolding installation process
Professional scaffolding installation process helps installers perform the work in a standard way, ensuring quality and safety.
  • Ensure safety for people and works
Professional scaffolding installation process helps workers master how to do it and ensure safety during construction. Besides, thanks to the guaranteed construction process, the surrounding works, people and objects are protected from the risk of dropping things, committed to bringing safety to customers.
  • Save time
A professional scaffolding installation process helps to prepare the necessary materials and equipment to do the job efficiently and quickly Using a professional scaffolding installation process also saves the installer time. time and effort. The installation procedure also provides detailed instructions and instructions to help the installer do the job correctly.
  • Increase work efficiency
Thanks to the professional scaffolding installation process, the technicians quickly optimize the installation process for the construction site. This also helps to increase installation efficiency. Installation will be faster. Installation process can enhance compatibility with different tools and equipment thanks to better synchronization
IV. SAKON’s scaffolding erection process is safe and reputable
SAKON cung cấp dịch vụ lắp đặt giàn giáo an toàn
SAKON’s scaffolding erection process brings safety to construction sites.
The materials all meet the prescribed safety standards and the managers and employees also have a Safety Certificate in scaffolding erection. SAKON’s scaffolding erection process offers the following advantages:
Provide the highest safety for the works: SAKON’s scaffolding erection process includes high quality standards, safety and security standards.
Using advanced technology to ensure the consistency of the works: SAKON’s scaffolding installation process includes the use of the most advanced software and technology to ensure accuracy and consistency of constructions.
Execute projects according to schedule: SAKON’s scaffolding erection process has been designed to ensure compliance with the progress of the works.
Reduce project execution time: SAKON Scaffolding Process provides advanced tools and technology to reduce construction time.
Support high compatibility: SAKON’s scaffolding process provides compatible support tools.
V. Summary
With SAKON’s professional scaffolding installation process, reputable units can rest assured to choose our service. We provide various types of scaffolding such as: Ringlock scaffolding, system scaffolding, tube scaffolding, Safety stairs, hanging scaffolding… So that the units can use the scaffolding installation service one-on-one. Flexible way to suit each different project.
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