Day 06/09/2023

With safe scaffolding methods, SAKON is a great choice to bring customers satisfaction and peace of mind about the quality of construction.

The role of scaffolding in construction
Installing scaffolding is of great help to projects. This is not only a tool to support the construction but also ensure the safety of individuals and workers during project implementation. The important role of scaffolding is to create a safe foundation when working at height.
Scaffolding helps protect workers from the danger of falling from height and creates safe conditions for carrying out construction work. Furthermore, scaffolding also helps enhance work performance. Workers have easy access to the location needed to perform construction tasks. This reduces travel time and effort and allows construction work to take place more quickly.
Giàn giáo giúp đảm bảo an toàn và thuận tiện trong xây dựng 
Trusses also play an important role in storing and transporting construction materials. Scaffolding is a rigid frame system that provides a flexible space for placing and transporting a suitable volume of materials such as wood, iron, and cement. This helps optimize the management and arrangement of materials, saving time and effort.
Finally, scaffolding also plays an important role in helping architects and contractors check and control the quality of the work. Scaffolding helps access difficult locations to assess and confirm that work is being performed according to requirements and standards.
Measures to install scaffolding safely with SAKON
SAKON’s professional installation of scaffolding is carried out in various stages to ensure the work is carried out correctly and safely.
  • Professional process
Professional scaffolding installation process helps to ensure that SAKON scaffolding meets customer requirements and quality safety. SAKON is committed to providing high quality scaffolding products and the best service for construction projects.
  • Highly professional and experienced staff
SAKON có đội ngũ nhân sự có chuyên môn và giàu kinh nghiệm
SAKON’s highly qualified and experienced staff is an important advantage that helps the company achieve great success. SAKON employees are all highly qualified, well-trained and experienced to increase work efficiency.
  • The unit has more than 10 years in the scaffolding installation and construction industry
SAKON has more than 10 years of experience in the field of scaffolding erection. Therefore, our scaffolding erection work is always done in the most meticulous and quick way. Thanks to that, customers save a lot of time. Especially with our experience, we always give our customers peace of mind and confidence in the professional scaffolding erection process.
  • The unit has implemented many important projects
SAKON has implemented many projects at large factories, affirming the quality in each project such as: Samsung Display, Samsung Engineering, Samsung C&T, Samsung Electronics, Hyundai, Coca Cola, Pepsi…
Benefits of choosing SAKON’s scaffolding construction service
Dịch vụ cung cấp và thi công giàn giáo của SAKON đảm bảo an toàn, chất lượng cao
SAKON ensures high quality scaffolding erection standards. The unit specializes in providing construction services, scaffolding erection and scaffolding rental at good prices. SAKON’s scaffolding construction service brings many benefits to customers. Below are some of the benefits you can get when choosing this service.
  • SAKON has more than 10 years of experience in scaffolding construction.
  • SAKON’s services ensure scaffolding quality.
  • The company uses high-quality materials and complies with safety standards in construction.
  • SAKON’s services can be customized to suit the specific needs and requirements of each project.
  • The company has a professional and experienced technical team, ready to consult and design scaffolding suitable for different projects.
  • SAKON’s scaffolding installation unit price is competitive.
It can be seen that SAKON’s scaffolding service offers benefits in terms of experience, quality, customization and price. If you are looking for a reliable and quality scaffolding service, SAKON is an excellent choice.
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Choose SAKON to install scaffolding and bring safety to your construction!