Day 14/08/2023

Scaffolding construction methods implemented by SAKON bring many benefits to customers. We are committed to ensuring the quality of scaffolding meets regulatory standards. At the same time, the execution of construction is always strictly monitored and quality assurance for construction works is ensured.

How SAKON chooses quality scaffolding to meet customer needs

SAKON specializes in providing high quality standard scaffolding to meet customer needs. To choose suitable scaffolding, SAKON complies with the following criteria.

Cách SAKON lựa chọn giàn giáo chuẩn chất lượng đáp ứng nhu cầu khách hàng

  • Pay attention to product quality

With strict design and outstanding quality, SAKON scaffolding ensures safety and reliability during use. This makes customers feel secure about the quality of the product.

  • SAKON ensures to bring flexibility to customers

The company can provide scaffolding of different sizes and shapes, suitable for all customer requirements and uses. Whether building houses, bridges or large construction projects, SAKON has optimal solutions available to meet customer needs.

  • SAKON has a team of consultants and technicians with expertise to help advise on effective installation

SAKON Company is committed to providing professional consulting services and technical support to customers. SAKON’s team of experienced technicians will advise customers during the scaffold selection process and assist in answering all questions.

  • Safe scaffolding construction methods

Safe scaffolding construction methods are an important factor in the construction of architectural works. This is a process that needs to be done properly to ensure the safety of workers and pedestrians in the construction area.

  • Choose suitable materials

One of the measures to safely construct scaffolding is to choose appropriate materials and equipment. It is necessary to use quality scaffolding, which is periodically inspected and maintained to ensure safety. Additionally, components should be thoroughly inspected to ensure they are not damaged or connections are loose.

  • Install scaffolding in compliance with safety regulations

Scaffolding installation also needs to comply with safety regulations. Before starting work, it is necessary to carefully consider the surrounding terrain and environmental conditions to ensure that the scaffolding is not affected by natural factors such as strong winds or heavy rain. If necessary, accessories such as wind stakes, sand bags or water cups should be designed and installed to ensure the scaffolding is stable.

  • Thorough training on the use of scaffolding and safety issues during construction

Not only the installation but also the use of scaffolding needs to be done properly. Workers must be trained in the use of scaffolding, including installation and dismantling. It is necessary to comply with regulations on the maximum number of workers per rig and how the load is distributed. In addition, it is necessary to ensure worker safety by providing protective equipment such as helmets, protective shoes and seat belts.

Regular inspection and maintenance of scaffolding is also important to ensure safety. Workers need to check the scaffolding before using it and report to the manager if any errors are found. In addition, there should be a periodic maintenance plan to check and replace damaged or old scaffolding accessories.

SAKON carries out strict quality checks on scaffolding

SAKON’s inspection process is carried out with great dedication and expertise. The company’s team of technicians will inspect every component of the scaffolding, including the scaffolding frame and other accessories. Details such as locks, fixings and adjustment systems will be thoroughly tested to ensure they operate smoothly.


Các biện pháp thi công giàn giáo an toàn


The company will conduct an inspection and confirm that the scaffolding meets international safety standards. The accuracy of quality testing is guaranteed through the use of precise measurement tools and modern software. All test and analysis results we provide are certified by competent authorities.

SAKON also performs technical and operational inspection according to customer requirements. We can find the weaknesses of scaffolding and suggest improvements to increase durability and efficiency for customers.

Our goal is to ensure the safety and reliability of the construction process. With the skills and experience of our team of technicians, we are committed to providing the best scaffolding quality inspection service on the market.


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SAKON owns a team of highly skilled engineers and scaffolding workers. The team is highly trained and has solid knowledge of how to install scaffolding in the correct and safest manner. Besides, SAKON uses modern scaffolding equipment and meets international standards.

We are committed to ensuring top quality and complying with occupational safety regulations. SAKON always inspects and periodically maintains scaffolding, while ensuring that construction does not affect the environment and surrounding community.

SAKON provides effective and time-saving scaffolding construction methods. Optimizing work processes and using advanced technologies helps minimize construction time and ensure project quality. Choosing SAKON to carry out scaffolding construction and installation methods will bring safety, efficiency and quality to construction projects.

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