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The way construction scaffolding is made greatly affects the quality and safety of the project. Choosing professional scaffolding construction services from SAKON will certainly help you feel secure and satisfied.
Giàn giáo trong xây dựng rất đa dạng chủng loại
Types of scaffolding in construction
How to make construction scaffolding depends on the type of scaffolding that construction units choose. Scaffolds are an important part of the construction industry. They are used to create working platforms and protect workers during construction projects. There are different types of scaffolding used depending on the type of project and work environment.
The most common type of scaffolding is frame scaffolding. It includes main components such as spear frame, crossbar, pillar, foot cushion, etc. Frame scaffolding is often used for high-rise construction projects, bridges and roads or projects with complex shapes and sizes. With a solid structure and ease of installation, frame scaffolding helps workers perform work safely and effectively.
Tube scaffolding is a type of scaffolding made from steel tubes connected together with clamps. This type of scaffolding is suitable for construction projects such as high-rise buildings, factories, warehouses and workshops. With the advantages of flexibility and easy size change, tube scaffolding helps save costs and construction time.
Ringlock scaffolding is a type of scaffolding that can be designed to withstand large loads and requires special care in construction. Made of steel, it is capable of withstanding heavy loads and can be easily adjusted for height and length.
In fact, the construction industry also has many different types of scaffolding suitable for each project and the specific requirements of each locality. Ensuring workers work safely and effectively is the top goal when using scaffolding in construction.
Cách làm giàn giáo vững chắc
How to make the sturdiest construction scaffolding
SAKON’s method of making construction scaffolding is done with detailed steps to ensure safety for workers and the project.
  • Step 1: Choose a flat, safe surface to place the scaffolding
Make sure there is no excessive incline or lack of balance on the ground. This will ensure that the scaffolding will not shift or move during use.
  • Step 2: Choose wheels (for mobile scaffolding)
If you plan to use a mobile scaffold, choose suitable wheels to allow for easy movement of the scaffold. Make sure the wheels are locked tightly to ensure safety when moving the scaffold.
  • Step 3: Install scaffolding according to procedure
Ensure that the operator has read and understood the erection instructions and complies with them. Use appropriate tools and accessories to ensure scaffolding is installed firmly and safely.
Install scaffolding trays: Install scaffolding trays to hold construction materials and necessary tools. Make sure that the spear tray is securely installed and does not move during use.
Place scaffolding ladders: Scaffolding ladders allow workers to access high areas during construction. Ensure that scaffolding ladders are securely attached and safe to use.
Use railings: Use railings to act as barriers and ensure safety for workers working on scaffolding. The railings should be installed firmly and without large gaps between the horizontal bars.
  • Step 4: Make sure the scaffolding is sturdy
Check to make sure all sides of the scaffold are tightly secured and not moving. If necessary, use stabilizers or stakes to increase the stability of the scaffold.
  • Step 5: Check the safety of the scaffolding
Check all joints, fasteners, screws and other scaffolding surfaces to ensure that they are not moving or loose. If there are any problems, fix them immediately before using the scaffold.
Installing scaffolding certainly plays an important role in ensuring safety and efficiency during the construction process. By following the above steps and procedures, you can make sturdy construction scaffolding.
Quy trình lắp dựng giàn giáo
Prestigious scaffolding installation and construction services with SAKON
SAKON is a company specializing in providing reputable and top quality scaffolding construction and installation services. With many years of experience in the construction industry, SAKON has built its reputation and brand.
SAKON’s scaffolding installation service is highly appreciated by a team of professional, experienced and well-trained technicians. From the consulting and design process to installation and maintenance, SAKON is committed to bringing customers absolute satisfaction and peace of mind.
SAKON thi công giàn giáo chất lượng cao
SAKON understands that scaffolding installation is an important step in the construction process. Using quality scaffolding helps increase safety and work performance, while minimizing risks and occupational accidents. With strict construction standards and processes, SAKON is committed to providing customers with standard scaffolding products, ensuring safety and efficiency.
With many completed projects and receiving trust from many demanding customers, SAKON has affirmed its class and quality. SAKON’s team of technicians will dedicatedly consult and install scaffolding according to customer requirements, while ensuring time and quality of work.
With professional construction scaffolding from SAKON, customers not only receive a quality scaffolding installation service, but also receive dedicated support and advice from a team of rich technicians. Knowledge and experience in the construction industry.
SAKON is committed to accompanying and meeting all requirements of customers, bringing absolute satisfaction and trust.
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