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Installing scaffolding safely is a process that cannot be overlooked in construction work. Proper scaffolding installation helps protect workers and makes construction work quick and easy.

I. Important scaffolding erection standards

In the construction industry, how to install scaffolding is an important part of the construction process. To ensure safe and effective use of scaffolding, installation standards must be followed precisely.
Technical standards: Scaffolding installation must comply with technical standards such as TCVN or standards of the International Organization ISO. These standards specify requirements for design, materials, load-carrying capacity, and other safety aspects.
Scaffold installation safety standards must ensure labor safety: Safety measures are needed to prevent accidents and risks, protect workers’ health and the working environment. The use of protective means, such as safe work tools, licensing systems and training certificates should also be implemented.
Quality standards: Scaffolding installation needs to comply with required quality standards such as material quality, installation technology and maintenance; Ensure scaffolding operates effectively and does not affect the progress and quality of the project.
Technical standards for classification: Scaffold classification needs to comply with standards for scaffold size, shape, thickness and volume to suit the specific job. The selection and use of materials must meet technical requirements, ensure safety and ensure optimal bearing capacity.
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II. How to install scaffolding safely
Installing scaffolding safely is an important process in construction. Its implementation requires specialized knowledge and meticulousness and care. Here’s how to install scaffolding safely:
  • Preparation: Before starting installation, determine the number and size of scaffolding components needed for the project. Check and ensure that all parts are complete and free of defects.
  • Determine installation location: it is necessary to determine the location where scaffolding needs to be installed by marking on the floor or wall surface; Ensure accuracy and ensure that the marked location matches the design.
  • Installing scaffolding: When installing scaffolding, ensure that parts are connected correctly and securely according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Carefully check each installation step to ensure stability and safety.
  • Fixing the scaffolding: Make sure that the scaffolding is tightly fixed before starting work. Use fixing components such as clamps, latches and welds to ensure maximum stability and safety.
  • Safety check: Check the stability of the scaffolding, ensuring that it can withstand weight and environmental impacts.
  • Management and maintenance: Carry out periodic management and maintenance to ensure scaffolding remains safe and effective. Inspect and replace any damaged or worn parts.
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III. Note when installing scaffolding
Installing scaffolding is an important and complex job, requiring extreme attention and concentration. Below are some important notes that should be considered when installing scaffolding.
  • Make sure you have thorough information about the model and size of the scaffolding to be installed.
  • Make sure you thoroughly inspect and evaluate your work environment before you begin installing scaffolding.
  • If it is possible to place scaffolding on the ground, the foundation must be flat and firm to avoid imbalance.
  • If scaffolding must be installed on another surface such as a floor, ensure that the floor has been tested for durability and load-bearing capacity.
  • Follow the instructions and procedures provided. In particular, make sure you have prepared the necessary number of parts and accessories.
It is necessary to ensure that workers are equipped with personal protective equipment such as helmets, protective shoes, sunscreen and gloves.
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IV. SAKON performs safe and professional scaffolding installation
SAKON is a company specializing in safe and professional construction and installation of scaffolding. Here are the reasons you should choose SAKON:
  • SAKON is a unit with a team of rich professional experience
SAKON has a team of technicians with extensive experience in scaffolding installation. We have many years of experience in the industry and have successfully implemented many large projects. This experience helps SAKON understand the safety and certification requirements and regulations of the construction industry.
  • SAKON provides high quality construction services
We are committed to providing safe, high-quality construction scaffolding. SAKON uses quality materials and adheres to strict quality testing procedures. This ensures that the scaffolding will meet the safety requirements and ensure the stability of the construction.
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  • SAKON provides a variety of scaffolding
SAKON not only provides scaffolding installation services, but also provides a variety of scaffoldings such as: Ringlock Scaffolding, System Scaffolding, Tube Scaffolding…
  • Prices for scaffolding construction services at SAKON are reasonable
With competitive prices, SAKON provides high quality services to help projects save a lot of costs.
  • SAKON’s scaffolding installation method provides high safety and reliability
Scaffolding construction ensures standards to help complete the project more quickly. Thanks to the professionalism in the installation steps, we guarantee you will be satisfied when choosing SAKON’s scaffolding installation service.
SAKON’s professional and safe installation of scaffolding will definitely give you peace of mind when building works. Contact SAKON now to receive more free consultation!
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Choose SAKON to install scaffolding and bring safety to your construction!