How many kilograms does 1 set of scaffolding weigh?

Day 22/08/2023
Are you wondering how many kg a set of scaffolding weighs? The weight of scaffolding can affect the quality and installation of construction. Let’s find out immediately about the weight of scaffolding with SAKON.
Weight of parts of a scaffold
Trọng lượng một bộ giàn giáo là bao nhiêu?
The weight of the scaffolding system is the total weight of the details that make up the scaffolding. Here are the weights of some parts:
  • The spear has a weight of about 3.2-7.5kg
  • Horizontal, vertical or diagonal bars weigh about 1.1-3kg.
There are also a number of other accessories such as nuts, swivel shackles… which also contribute to increasing the weight of a set of scaffolding.
How many kg does 1 set of scaffolding weigh?
1 bộ giàn giáo nặng bao nhiêu kg?
Scaffolding systems often include main components such as truss frames, support legs, straight poles and connection nodes. In it, a set of scaffolding includes:
Truss frames are the main components of scaffolding and are usually made from steel or aluminum alloy. Aluminum truss frames are usually lighter than aluminum frames and are easier to move and install. However, steel truss frames can be more reliable and remain stable when subjected to heavy loads.
Support legs and straight poles are necessary to keep the scaffold stable when operating on uneven ground. They are made from steel and are highly durable to withstand the weight of the scaffolding.
In addition, connection nodes also play an important role in creating stability and safety for the scaffold. Connectors are made from durable materials such as steel or aluminum and are designed for easy assembly and disassembly.
In fact, each set of scaffolding can weigh from 10-13kg. The scaffolding system includes the above components and in large quantities for a project can weigh from 1000 to 3000kg, depending on its size and material.
Weight of current types of scaffolding sets
There are many different types of scaffolding, each designed to serve a specific purpose and requirement. The weight of scaffolding may vary depending on the structure of each type.
System Scaffolding
System scaffolding, also known as frame scaffolding, is a popular and flexible scaffolding system widely used. It includes steel frames and a base, allowing for easy height increase and length adjustment. This scaffolding set usually weighs from 2.52kg to 7.88kg.
Ringlock Scaffolding
Ringlock scaffolding is a type of scaffolding constructed of interwoven steel pipes clamped together with chain locks. These chain locks help connect components together securely and easily. Ringlock scaffolding sets weigh about 3.42kg to 13.5kg.
Tube Scaffolding
Tube scaffolding is made up of relatively thick steel pipes, joined together with threaded joints and screws. The tube scaffolding set weighs about 7.22kg to 21.35kg.
Suspended Scaffolding
Suspended scaffolding, also known as lifting scaffolding, is used to create a movable platform that hangs in the middle of a space when working at height is required. It consists of a scaffolding system suspended by cables and adjustable in height. The weight of a hanging scaffold set can range from 150kg to 400kg.
Cover Scaffolding
Covered scaffolding is used to shield and protect the construction site from environmental factors such as sun, rain, wind, dust and noise. The scaffolding set weighs about 3.3-4.4 kg.
Wedge scaffolding
Wedge scaffolding, also known as cement scaffolding, is used to support the construction work of columns, foundations or other components by promoting cement into the component to be supported. Wedge scaffolding can weigh from 10-15kg.
Mobile Scaffolding
Mobile scaffolding is a type of scaffolding that can move and adapt to many different types of projects. The mobile scaffolding set weighs about 150-200kg.
Where to buy reputable scaffolding?
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