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B20 net is a specialized product used in making barriers to protect construction works. So what is special about the B20 net and what are its features? Let’s explore with SAKON below.
What is a B20 net?
B20 net is a product made from small diameter steel fibers, interwoven and welded into sturdy net frames. B20 steel net usually has a diameter of 1-3mm and a net size of 20x20mm.
B20 steel net has better strength and impact resistance than conventional steel net. This makes it the ideal choice in a variety of construction applications.
Lưới B20 là gì?
B20 construction net
B20 net is a type of steel net consisting of separate fibers connected together to form a strong and rigid frame. This type of net is usually made from high quality steel, ensuring maximum strength and tensile strength.
This type of net is woven together to form right angles or square shapes. The steel fibers in B20 net usually have sizes and thicknesses designed to withstand the loads and pressures from the construction. B20 steel net can be cut and bent according to design needs, creating different shapes such as rectangles, triangles, or circles.

Characteristics of B20 net


Lưới B20 có độ bền cao
B20 steel net has many outstanding features, bringing many benefits to users.
  • B20 net is highly durable and prevents abrasion
With an outer shell made from high quality steel, the B20 net is not affected by weather or humid environments. This helps the B20 net maintain good performance for a long time without corrosion or damage.
  • High impact resistance
With a sturdy structure and thick wire diameter, B20 net can withstand strong impacts without easily deforming or breaking. This makes the B20 net an excellent solution for high impact areas such as industrial or traffic areas.
  • Safety features
With a sturdy structure and parallel lines, the B20 net prevents illegal intrusion and ensures good security for the surrounding area. In addition, B20 net can also be designed with small holes, making climbing over the fence more difficult, contributing to increased safety.
B20 net is a great solution for protecting and enclosing important areas. With high durability, impact resistance and safety, B20 net satisfies requirements in many different fields. Using B20 steel net will create peace of mind and reliability for users.
Types of B20 steel net
B20 net is a multi-purpose steel net product, with many wide applications in projects such as building houses, bridges, roads, factories, workshops and other industrial projects. There are several popular types of B20 steel net below:
Black steel net: This type of steel is produced from original steel billets without undergoing hot dipping or electrolysis. It is highly flexible, easy to bend and use. In particular, this type of steel is easily recognizable by its original black color from the outside.
Electrolytic b20 net: This type of net is also known as matt-plated steel wire with a bright surface. This is a material widely used in industries that require high flexibility and easy bending.
Hot-dip galvanized B20 steel net: This is a type of steel net whose steel wire has undergone a hot-dip zinc process, creating a protective layer of zinc on the outside. This makes this type of steel wire suitable for use in fields that require not only a shiny coating but also high durability.
B20 net production process
The B20 steel net production process is a complex and detailed process, including many steps from raw material preparation to processing and quality control. Below is a description of the B20 steel net manufacturing process steps:
  • Raw material preparation: The production process begins with collecting the necessary raw materials for B20 wire net, including steel bars and steel wire. These ingredients are then quality tested to ensure standards.
  • Mold preparation: Molds are created using precision machining machines, ensuring accurate size and shape for the B20 steel net. Molds play an important role in the later processing process.
  • Processing: Parts of B20 steel net are processed using specialized machines. Steel is cut, welded, bent and other details processed as required. This process requires high precision and technique to ensure the steel net meets technical requirements.
  • B20 net welding: After the parts are machined, they are welded together to form a complete B20 steel net frame. The welding process is performed using electric welding or pneumatic welding.
  • Shaping and finishing: Once the B20 wire net has been welded, it is shaped and finished using appropriate tools and machinery. This includes cutting off excess parts, cleaning and galvanizing to ensure corrosion resistance and increase durability.
  • Quality check: Finally, B20 steel net is quality checked to ensure compliance with technical requirements and standards. This testing may include testing for strength, durability, dimensional accuracy and other criteria.
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